New August Smart Lock Pro will work on Z-Wave

August Home Inc, the provider of the smart security solutions, announced the new device to their family of smart locks called August Smart Lock Pro. One of the main features for this new device is interoperability with the popular Z-Wave wireless smart home protocol. New device should start shipping in the Fall of this year however will be available exclusively to the August Pro approved dealers including “ADI, AVAD, Top Notch and Worthington.”

Jointly, August announced membership in the Z-Wave Alliance and will join ranks of companies such as LG, SmartThings and Bosch which are already full members of the alliance. Smart Lock Pro will be the first  smart lock available which supports Z-Wave protocol.

This could mean big step forward for the security contractors who use Z-Wave to design “one-click” apps for the ultimate smart home control. At the same time, unfortunately you wont find the Smart Lock pro in the shop next door, given its exclusive availability for the August Pro members.