New Google Home features from the Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2017

In the race to  achieving Smart Home Assistant supremacy, Google Home is definitely upping its game. A whooping total of 101 announcements were made made during this year I/O event. Biggest part of the news was directly related to Google’s smart speaker.

These are the most exciting and groundbreaking features that are available or will be soon available from Google specifically for their Google Home.

Smarter Assistant

Notifications, reminders, flight updates and traffic alerts are now available through Google Assistant on Google Home and phone. There is also the possibility to have personalised notifications by using multi user settings already available. 

One word, shortcuts. You can now add shortcuts to trigger specific requests. We tried with our TV and instead of saying ”OK Google, turn on Home Cinema” we can now say, “OK Google, TV time!” and it will turn our TV on. Pretty cool.

Music and entertainment

How many times it happens that you have that song stuck in you mind but you just cannot remember the name so you can play it? Wait no more, with Google Home , you can now go “OK Google, play that song that goes like …” and it works ♫ “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa …”

Next one is for the music lovers, which you clearly are if you choose Google Home over Amazon Echo. Deezer and SoundCloud are now partners and Spotify’s choice of free music will also be coming soon. Get the party started.

If you are not the party type and you just like binge watching your favourite TV shows, good news for you too. You can now ask Google Home to play your favourite programmes and shows on HBO Now, CBS, All Access and many more. Now, you just need to order a pizza (which can be also done through Google Home).

More Languages

Recently we had friends from abroad visiting and although they like Google Home, it is just not available in their country. Finally, our friends from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan will be able to use the Google Assistant on Google Home later in the year. Arigatō!

Following the latest Google Home’s additions we can only assume that the race will continue as Amazon will be hardly sitting still. Allegedly, later in the year also new players like Apple are also planning to join in. With players like Apple we can expect the race to become even more interesting. Expect twist and turns that only titans like Google, Amazon and Apple are capable of achieving.